The Lunch Bag Drawings

The reddit user ckilgore is creating some serious hand drawing arts. He is using the simple lunch bags and create the magic using prismacolor pencils, sharpies and regular old crayola markers. Each of them took about a hour and all of them are for the surprise for artist kids…. Expensive canvas or just a simple lunch bag, art is art and those drawing are more than beautiful…

lunch bag drawing 1 The Lunch Bag Drawings
lunch bag drawing 2 The Lunch Bag Drawings
lunch bag drawing 3 The Lunch Bag Drawings
lunch bag drawing 4 The Lunch Bag Drawings
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Drawing In Circles

T7Js9Q8 Drawing In Circles

Check out this amazingly inspiring gif of new technique of portrait drawing in circles. Did you ever tried something similar while trying out hand drawing and how did you go?

Online gaming supports the arts

There’s absolutely no doubt that the online casino industry is booming and thriving nowadays, especially amongst a broader, younger, and technologically savvier demographic. As a matter of fact, iGaming Business – the leading research company in the online gaming sector – recently revealed that the online casino industry in 2014 is projected to achieve a nearly 79% increase from 2009 in terms of gross gaming yield. While there are certainly various reasons that explain this staggering growth – the convenience of mobile gaming, faster-paced style of play, enticing welcome bonuses, just to name a few – one of the striking aspects of online casinos is the attention to visual detail. From ancient Egyptian fine art to futuristic sci-fi universes, game designers pretty much have free rein to incorporate all sorts of art styles to enhance the overall look and playing experience. And interestingly, one of the online gaming industry’s most highly respected companies is also well-known for its contributions to investing in the artistic talents of young minds.

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Art Scholarships through Success

Success can help an individual achieve many goals, both short-term and long-term. In this case, it is long term, for an opportunity to receive financial aid for further education is here. The Art Institutes 2013 Poster Design Competition is here and fortunate winners can receive a large sum of tuition money if he or she designs a poster for The Art Institutes and Americans for Art. The winner in the national level can receive up to $10,000 to an Art Institutes school of their choice. The work will be judged on originality, required elements, visual impact, and demonstration of basic concepts.

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Bukowski Classic Autumn Sale is Here

An availability of a sculpture collection is on sale this autumn season. The Bukowski Marabou collection has 19th and 20th century pieces and will be released on December 4. Master artists such as Auguste Rodin, Henri Laurens, and Arnaldo Pomodoro have works that are included in the package. These bronzes are worth ca EUR 2,23 million. One of the pieces by Rodin called “Le Penseur” is in the collection and is one of only ten that were created between 1915 and 1925.

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